Our philosophy

Since its foundation in 1950 and over the years the Ramasco family continued with studies and investigations that began with its founder. This is to ensure to the customer a service that few can boast to offer, taking care of every single aspect.

Over the years, operating in both the national territory and abroad with services devoted to the production of high quality works, our company has evolved itself and improved all his skills taking care of all the details.

This work of constant research and training allows us to achieve high standard results, thus responding to different needs, making interventions of every type and with an eye to the panorama of luxury homes and first-class residences.

This particular world constantly requires the search for the best result and innovation in many ways, such as technical and aesthetic, and for us these ongoing challenges are the reason for further research, improvement and refinement of those that are the three main components of our quality working

Our values


Our works, that can be seen across the landscape of Tigullio, are the mirror of our experience. Thanks to a team composed of selected partners and employees, our company is able to produce prestigious works


The combination of the beauty of aesthetics and the respect of the ambient has always been a sign of seriousness and competence. We make of this aspect one of our main features. Our goal is to ensure the construction of high quality works and at the same time eco-friendly.


Our philosophy provides the use of biocompatible and natural materials. This approach is also shared by our partners and verifiable  in the use of plaster based on natural stones like slate.