Architectural Design

We are specialized in building design thanks to the development and implementation of important architectural interventions, inside and outside the protected areas, in the field of tertiary, industrial and residential construction for luxury home and buildings


We are able to work for the renovation or the maintenance of buildings with passion and experience, paying attention to the preservation of environment and combining it with our enthusiasm for the aesthetics of the final results and with the aim to mantain and/or renovate the values of the structures

New building

Our long-established skills also allow us to carry out interns who follow all the steps in order to give the customer a turnkey product with the aim to give life to his design ideas and dreams

Our history in brief

  • Edile Ramasco - Oratorio NS Assunta

Since 1950, with the foundation of Edile Ramasco thanks to its founder Mauro Ramasco, in Portofino there is a company that makes of quality and competence two of its fundamental characteristic.

Always a leader in the design, construction and building renovation our company, exclusive family-run Ramasco, boasts a succession of prestigious works such as the reconstruction of the famous Church of San Giorgio in Portofino after the bombings of World War II and the beautiful ‘Le Carillon’, historical center of social life of Portofino.

Along with villas immersed in the Natural Park of Portofino (UNESCO World Heritage), the works on apartments and boutiques located in the famous Portofino’s square in which we were involved are the evidences of the quality and professionalism of Ramasco family.

The company in over 60 years evolved his skills over the time, working both nationally and abroad specializing in the delivery of services dedicated to the world of luxury homes and first-class residences.

The relation with our territory

Our reality is strongly bound to the environment of the Gulf of Tigullio and the Portofino Park, where our offices, traditions and activities are located, and both the Church of S. Giorgio and the Oratory of NS Assunta are for us examples of the value of this strong connection.

The Church of St. George, at the center of the peninsula of Portofino was razed to the ground during II World War with the bombings of the allied forces who aimed at the destruction of Nazi strategic locations, located near  the Church.

The historic photo in the previous section depicts the solemn moment of the laying of the first stone by the founder of the Edile Ramasco, which at that time was foreman of the reconstruction, with the square full of  people and  local authority.

In memory of this event at the side of the Church there is a marble plaque in remembrance of the Surveyor Ramasco Mauro, that was dedicated to him by the authorities and citizenship of Portofiino.

Today the church of St. George, from the name of patron saint of Portofino, is recognized by all as a symbol of beauty history and spirituality.

This work is another one which we strongly hold because it is related to one symbol of the Portofino community and at the same time gave us precise technical specifications to follow in respect of the environment, history and tradition of the place where the works were performed.

The request of the client was the make a conservation of the property according to the dictates of the sovereignty becuase of the fact that the building bounds is part of “cultural heritage”.

The intervention required the reconditioning of the roof covering, making operations of dismantling and dismantling, according to current regulations, of the eternit cover present at that time and then proceeding with the laying of the new roof with certified lead slabs.

At the same time was restored the facade plasterwork with the use of breathable lime materials and the subsequent finishing paint that faithfully reproduces the original colors and decorations.

  • Edile Ramasco - Oratorio NS Assunta

Our team

Geom. Paolo Ramasco

Paolo is the owner of the company follows the footsteps of his father, Geometra Mauro Ramasco, who founded the “Ramasco Costruzioni” in 1950 and since his childhood he is passionate about the life of a yard, never ceasing to learn and improve himself.
After the death of his father, he continues his strong entrepreneurial activity with the experience gained while working and with the ever-increasing appreciation coming from clientes, who immediately recognizes his excellent preparation and dedication.
For over 40 years he has been involved in the organization and coordination of the work from the first phases in which decision must have bring and then going further to their completion, with a maniacal attention to the details and the quality of the work that allows the company to stay always on top and following the needs of the clients in the best way.

Geom. Fabio Ramasco

He has always been passionate about family business activity and he is involved in the architectural design from a long time, with the aim of developing ideas and projects together with the clients.
At the same time he follows aspects related to corporate communication and customer relations
provinding every kind of  support and assistance they need.
Another aspect that he follows is the one related to the bureaucratic practices required for the realizations of works, guaranteeing to thw customer a 360 ° service without  ginving them any kind of concern.
Thanks also to the ability to direct the works during their execution,  the company is able to keep up to date and monitor the whole working phases

Our company has the good sense of what its activities and works are to the great value of the people who work and actively collaborate in all projects.

Over the years and the experience accumulated in the industry, our company has been able to select workers, collaborators, experts and partners lookinf for the best quality, reliability, reliability and professionalism.

With this targetd operation, we are confident that we can count on people with a high moral and professional values, which enable us to address different types of needs by offering high quality and quality services.

Proofs of our works

What we consider one of the best valuable thing for our work is the ongoing demands for our consulting in work that are related to something important for the needs of people and our customers.
These positive facts are consequences of the results achieved on the field with our interventions, with the collaborations and contacts that were established and which are for us a symptom of reliability and competence in the building industry.

To better enable you a vision of what our activities can accomplish, we  created two specific sections as portfolio of our interventions an related to two different but equally important branches.
The first is dedicated to works about prestigious homes and residences and closely related to the surrounding environment, while the second gllery contains works carried out for major brands within the prestigious Portofino and which allowed the opening of important boutiques.

All of these works make us happy with our job and the important partnerships that our company has managed to grow actively and profitable over the years.

Gallery Boutique Gallery Environment

Il Pitosforo, Chef Cracco in Portofino

In 2020 the project was born to restore one of the most iconic and historic places in Portofino owned by the Vinelli family to its splendor: Il Pitosforo.
With its privileged position and its terrace overlooking the harbor, it has always been considered an exclusive place that over time has hosted some of the most famous celebrities in the world. After a few years of closure and the termination of the relationship with the old tenant, the starred Chef Carlo Cracco, invited to Portofino by the surveyor Ramasco Fabio, falls in love with this magical place and so decides to take command of it with the aim of bringing it back to shine. like in the past.

Edile Ramasco is commissioned to carry out the delicate restoration which includes not only an overall reconstruction of the veranda in its wooden parts, but also a complete overhaul of the load-bearing structures and the floors which are heavily damaged.

The interior spaces are revised, the kitchen area expanded to meet the needs of a starred kitchen, and all the technological systems are replaced and adapted to the highest standards on the market. In the design and implementation of the works, nothing is left to chance, such as the details and finishes are of extreme value.

The iconic restaurant sign, decorated on the main façade, is taken up with the historic symbol of the pittosporum and the words “Cracco Portofino”, marking the dawn of a glorious new beginning for this place full of history and magic.

After a year and a half of hard work, in June 2021, Edile Ramasco reaches another great milestone by delivering the premises ready for the inauguration, filling both the surveyors Fabio and Paolo Ramasco and the Vinelli family with their sons Marco and Matteo with satisfaction. who cannot hide the emotion in seeing the family restaurant, so unique in its kind, restored, renovated and embellished by the presence, experience and competence that Chef Cracco will bring with him to the village of Portofino.

The working relationship with Chef Cracco, during the construction of the restaurant, then matured into a strong relationship of esteem and friendship that makes us proud of this project and exciting adventure that has taken place in Portofino, to which the Ramasco family can only wish best wishes, fortunes and successes.